Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let’s Try The Most Convenient Way Of Booking Air Tickets To New Delhi!

Delhi, being the national capital of India, happens to be the main hub for the travelers coming to India, no matter whether it is a business purpose to be accomplished or a fun trip. Delhi has all that promises a completely fun-filled excursion be it the historic monuments and museums or parks and gardens, a variety of lip-smacking food and various shopping options from time-honored bazaars to super malls. The pulsating city of Delhi which is full of saga and enchantments appeals people from across the globe. Scheduled flights from domestic and international airlines arrive and depart from the Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi.

There are so many domestic and international airlines such as Indian Airlines, Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Air India, AirFranc, British Airways; Northern American Airlines and so on operate flights to and from Delhi for the convenience of passengers. These airlines have also brought in a myriad of cheap air tickets for traveling to and from Delhi. Moreover, these cheap air tickets to New Delhi can be easily availed by registering for international or domestic flights through a number of user-friendly portals by so many travel companies.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wanna Cheap Flights Tickets to Delhi

Air Tickets India
The air route to Delhi is probably the busiest of air transportation anywhere in India. Mumbai- Delhi air route is one of the greatest revenue earners in air transportation in India. With the high increase in disposable income of business and people at large, the demand for cheap air tickets to Delhi connecting Delhi and Mumbai is constantly rising. Direct negotiation in travel and tourism has also enhanced the demand of cheap flights between Mumbai and Delhi. Additionally many online traveling portals have come into picture to book cheap air tickets for Delhi flights.

These online traveling portals are helping passengers to figure out the cheap flight to Delhi schedules, fares of different airlines and the number of flights each day between Delhi and Mumbai. Booking a ticket through these web portals is now just a click away and it is easy to do comparison of airfares which is also simple through these websites.

Delhi and Mumbai are two of the most densely populated cities in India. Delhi, the national capital of India is home to headquarter of many domestic and International business centers. On the other hand Mumbai is called the ‘Commercial capital of India’. This city boasts of having many international commercial centers as well as it is home to the Indian film Industry popularly known as ‘Bollywood’. A lot of deals and negotiations are planned between these two metro giants in addition to normal travelers and tourists. The two busy cities are well connected with each other via a number of cheap air tickets to Delhi, on a daily basis.

With increase in number of low cost carriers it has almost become common to find cheap flights to Delhi. They ply between major cities within domestic boundaries. With smaller aircrafts and budget tickets, these carriers are offering cheap deals still contemporary flying experience with latest technologies. You can travel up to a distance of 15 hundred kilo meters within 2 hours. Even fastest of trains in India will take about 15 hours for the journey. This time saving and extremely competitive ticketing cost being offered by low cost carriers with abundance has managed in offering cheap air tickets to Delhi.

The best deals for cheap flights to Delhi air tickets can be grabbed through one of the many popular web portals offering various services online. These services include reservation of tickets, flight schedules, discount schemes; cash back offers, limited free ticket contests or last minute discounts. These web portals are instrumental in comparing the prices offered by different airlines for the same route. This means, online ticket booking holds a number of surprises for the flyer filled up with a lot of facilities and quick service due to the internet advantage.

Amazingly Cheap Air Tickets to Chennai

Cheap Air Tickets India
Are you trying to obtain cheap air tickets to Chennai? If yes, then all you need is to follow some little tips and for certain you will be able to find some awesome deals. Chennai as we all know formerly known as Madras is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is the 4th largest city in the world. The city is also called “Gateway to South India” and is connected by air to almost all the metropolitan cities and other destinations across the globe.

Some of the airlines also called low cost carriers, providing these services are Indigo, Kingfisher airlines, Go-air, spice jet, Air India, Paramount airways etc. These airlines have given a boost to the aviation industry and have emerged as dream airlines for majority of middle class segment. The affluent and the upper middle class have always been fortunate enough to afford travelling by air even when the prices were high however; it’s the middle class who has mostly been benefited by these cheap air tickets to Chennai as travelling by air is undoubtedly more comfortable than any other mode and also saves a lot of precious time especially for the business class.

So, If you are really planning a trip to Chennai and looking for some good options the first and foremost thing required is a thorough search online. There are many online travel companies that will offer cheap flights to Chennai. Don’t make a hasty decision; it’s always good to compare various offers. If possible try and take a tour of the website; it will help you to find other services being offered by the company that can be beneficial for your trip for example, information about the city, budget accommodation, flight schedule etc. Also do not forget to check if the prices mentioned on the portal are inclusive of taxes or not.
These web portals are generally very user friendly and one can book tickets online itself. Some of them are designed exclusively to provide cheap air tickets only to Chennai and Chennai to anywhere else. Also travel companies that are Govt. approved and IATA certified are certainly more reliable.

There are many low cost carriers offering cheap air tickets to Chennai and vice versa. These air tickets can be booked on various online portals and best offers can availed just with a little search.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ultimate Airlines Services to Cochin

Now a days many airlines to Cochin from Delhi offer very affordable airfares to the customers because of the increase in the competition between different airlines. These airlines include go air, Jet airways, kingfisher, spice jet, air India, indigo etc. If you are coming from various corners of India then don’t get bothered about the availability of flights as there is regular flight service to Cochin. Cochin is one of the important airports of Kerala which gets regular flights of both domestic and international.

Kochi is located in Kerala which is popularly known as ‘The God’s own country’. This place is a cultural meeting point of Portuguese culture and the local keralite culture. The influence of Portuguese culture can be seen even today in the houses and lifestyle of people. Its port has been an important trading point since ages. Today this charming city which attracted Europeans in search of delicious spice; is a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern culture of both Indian and Western lifestyle. The city is surrounded by scattered islands, which gives the place a water town feel like ‘Venice’. It consists of a series of small islands and a bit of the mainland. The city is well combined through its bridges and ferry services. The Chinese Fishing Nets are unique that is certainly one of the hotspots of the town. Those who want to indulge in witnessing the heritage sites they can visit places like The Matancherry Palace and The Santa Cruz Basilica. These sites have some of the rarely found sites inside its premises. The Veega beach attracts people of all ages due to its scenic view and natural charm. It has an amusement park.

If you take the flight from Delhi which is the national capital of India and boasts of having world heritage sites like Qutub Minar, Red Fort etc. The flight service is very regular in Delhi-Cochin route. The two parts of Delhi- Old Delhi and New Delhi are liked by all visitors. Narrow streets and old monumental structures like Jama Masjid, Sheeshmahal gurudwara are found in Old Delhi. You can find modern architectures and offices of major companies in New Delhi. Shopping malls are liked by each and everyone.

If you want to go to a trip that is fun filled and exciting and also helpful in business purpose then you must grab budgeted airlines that provide cheap airfares in route of Cochin. To book tickets is a piece of cake now through online traveling portals.

Summary: Now a days many airlines to Cochin from Delhi offer very affordable airfares to the customers because of the increase in the competition between different airlines. Cochin gets regular flights of both domestic and international airlines. This place is a cultural meeting point of Portuguese culture and the local keralite culture. The flight service is very regular in Delhi-Cochin route. The two parts of Delhi- Old Delhi and New Delhi are liked by all visitors. Booking is available 24 hours without any delay.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Safety Guidelines While You Are On The Wing!

After the events of 11th September 2001, things have changed a lot all over the world. Air travel in the U.S and other parts of world has encountered many relevant changes in order to maintain the safety of the masses. Besides, this precaution taken by the administrative bodies, the travelers should also take some effective precautions before, while and after traveling.

Lest go ahead and discuss some of the significant tips on Airline safety.

>> It is advisable to fly on non-stop routings as mostly, the accidents take place while take off, descent, climb and landing phase of flight. This would minimize exposure to accident-prone phases of journey.

>> It is better to go for larger aircrafts, as they are likely to provide a better opportunity for passenger survival, incase of serious accidents.

>> Don’t neglect the preflight briefing no matter how repetitive that might seem because the locations of the contiguous emergency exit may be unusual based on the aircraft that you fly on or seat you in.

>> Make sure that neither you nor somebody else should load a heavy article into the storage bins, as they might not be able to grip very weighty objects for the duration of turbulence.
 Do not forget to fasten your seat belts whenever you are seated to maintain the extra protection required if the aircraft hits unpredicted turbulence.

>> Your first priority while flight attendants ask you to do something is to listen them and do other things like asking any question or something else later. They are there for your safety.

>> Your safety is in your hands to a great extent that is why you are not allowed to bring any Hazardous material unless they are permitted by the airline and shipped in an appropriate container. So kindly be sensible and abide by it.

>> ‘Help your self’ is wonderful practice however sometimes and somewhere it not applicable to be wise. So let the flight attendant pour the drinks if they are hot and hand it to you as they are well trained for it.

>> You are advised not to drink too much in aircraft, as any alcohol that you consume would affect you strongly because of the high altitude from the sea level.

>> You are requested to maintain your intelligence about you and go behind the instructions of the flight attendants and flight crew in case of implausible event that you are caught up in an emergency condition such as a precautionary emergency evacuation, and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What All Guidelines Must Be Followed When Children Traveling Alone?

Children as young as five are permitted to travel unaccompanied by many airlines. It adds a little bit more to the risks of flying when children fly alone. Using common sense and taking a few basic precautions can overcome many of these risks. Lets go ahead and discuss some of the important guidelines, which are helpful to children traveling alone and also to those accountable for the child to deal with many of the issues that may be encountered.

>> It is recommended that children with less maturity must fly on non-stop flights, as they may not be prepared to be in the company of strangers for several hours and may not be able to handle atypical situations that they may bump into. However, on the contrary, if the child is matured enough to travel without help on public transportation and can spend time away from family in an well thought-out setting then the child is matured enough to take a trip on their own on a journey that includes a change of planes.

>> Make sure that you synchronize well with whoever comes to pick up the child. The first thing is his/her identification. The person going to pick up the child must carry the identification that accurately matches the information supplied to the airline by you. Besides, that person must know all the significant particulars of the child’s journey and is proficient to contact either you or the airline to verify the arrival time of the flight. The pick up person must arrive early at the airport and should inform you about their arrival. So that if in case their arrival is not confirmed to you, you can have an alternate person pick up the child. Moreover, please provide the child with a copy of all the contact information that you have supplied to the airline. Also, provide the child with a phone if he is able to use that so that he could use it if required like incase of flight cancellation, delay or any other problem.

>> Sometimes the child is an infrequent or first time flier. You must inform the child about what kind of services would there be in the flight and what all experiences can he expect. Make certain to let your child know about basic things like where to sit in the plane, how long the duration of flight is going to be and who is going to pick them up. Furthermore, you can also provide the child with a picture of the person going to pick them up.

>> Likewise, talk about apposite behavior with your child, which include the child’s behavior and behavior by other passengers. Make sure that your child is aware about informing a flight attendant or other airline representative in case another passenger is behaving wrongly. Now what comes under the inappropriate behaviors? It can be any thing like if the other passenger is being rude, insulting, or passing intimidating remarks, or is wrongly touching, conversing improperly, taking food or other stuff away from the child or other behaviors that make the child apprehensive or uncomfortable. Besides, inapt behavior would also include inapt behavior would include any endeavor to draw out personal information about the child. Hence, don’t forget to make the child understand that no passenger they meet needs to be acquainted with things such as their full name, their telephone number, their home address, or where they are going.

>> Make sure the child gets a convenient seat while you are getting the reservation done or while checking in your child. Request that your child should sit in a different row of the passengers who are consuming alcohol.

>> Do not forget to review the airline's policies as every airline has slightly different policies about accommodating alone children. Make a note of of their policies for escorting children at link airports and accommodations in the incident that the flight is diverted or delayed.

>> In case, the child has to change the planes, let them be aware of the fact that whoever is responsible for them must escort them while traveling between the gates or waiting for their next fight.

>> Sometimes, there are last minutes changes before the flight’s scheduled departure, hence plan coming to the airport before time and hanging about for a while after departure in order to get better chance for dealing with the respective situation.

>> Let yourself and you child identify the lead flight attendant for them to know that the child will be flying unaccompanied. Whereas, on larger flight make sure to recognize at least one flight attendant who will be in the closer area of the child.

>> Last but not the least accompanies the child to the seat to check the area around the seat for hazards like heavy substance kept in the overhead storage bins. Get in touch with the lead flight attendant as soon as possible if you find anything, which is against your approval.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flying to and from Delhi was never so easy!

No matter whether you are traveling towards Delhi from any destination or departing from here towards any destination in any corner of the world, you have now numerous options that can help you save both money and time. Now you don’t have to visit places to book your tickets or search for the most reasonable or the affordable deal present in the market. Just a click on various online travel portals can help you do that in instant of time.

The most remarkable point about these online ticket-booking engines is that they are usually designed according to the user’s compatibility and convenience. The user interfaces for these sites are quite easy and instructive. If you flying internationally towards Delhi or departing from here or even if it the domestic service that you are going to opt you can avail some of the very cheap air tickets throughout the world. The idea is that the professional from these online portal not only provide you with cheap flights, deals, offers and packages but also some very important information like

• Travel guides
• Weather information
• Time zone
• Currency converter
• Information related to embassies
• Visa and customs
• Flight information
• Foreign travelers insurance

Airlines that operate the route for the flights coming to and from Delhi are Air India, Jet Airways, IndiGo, Jet Lite, Go Air, Spice Jet Paramount, Emirates, Thai Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, etc.
These airlines serve both the domestic and international flight services respectively. Hence, if you are planning any thing as such simply go ahead and click on these online travel portal without waiting for the last moment and getting deprived from the best deal that you can avail today.