Saturday, June 25, 2011

Offline Travel Applications that Cost Almost Priceless

While you are packing your bags for vacation or a trip the first thing that comes to your mind is to possess convenient handy travel applications. Well now a days with advanced technology there are lots of travel application discovered that can guide your way while you are on a tour to unknown land.

Skype, Google Translate and other mobile programs are few applications that make traveling lot smoother and easier. But everything comes with price and such applications works well only if you are near a wireless Internet connection and such facility is not available everywhere. To avoid such circumstances you also prefer carrying your personal data card that cost you almost half of your travel expenses.

Now I will be talking to you about such offline application that works in a very simple way. All you got to do is enter local data application that work offline and no extra fees involved.

City Maps 2Go- This application helps in discovering 3,100 locations, without internet connection. It is one of the best offline map application available that guides you to the correct route. In order to use this application you have to download each map that you require beforehand so that you can have unlimited access to the application while you are on trip. This particular application is available for iPhone at a price of $1.99.

Converter (unit conversions)- This application when used offline it assist you to exchange Celsius-Fahrenheit shift and 63 different currency. Before leaving for a trip you can update exchange rates. The application also helps in measuring the weight and volume of conversions. For iPhone this application is available for $.99.

Jibbigo Translator- This application helps in translating English into various languages and also provides written translation of the same. Jibbigo's range of language options includes Mandarin, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog and Iraqi Arabic. This application is available at a price of $4.99, for iPhone and android.

Wi-Fi finder- It is not possible to get access to Wi-Fi connection without internet. Wi-Fi finder is one such application that helps you in locating the wireless connection even if you do not have access to internet. This particular application is available free for iPhone and Android.

Metro- This very application provides information on 400 transportation system worldwide. This application provides step-by-step route knowledge on local public transportation. The application does not provide map but can help to arrive at a certain place. The application needed to be downloaded before hand and it is available free for iPhone.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Individual Travel Program Takes Effect for Stronger Cross-Strait Ties between China and Tiwan

In order to boost stronger cross-strait ties between china and Tiwan the Taiwan MAC Minister Lai Shin-yuan has announced a launch of the new Chinese travel program. This program was first initiated by Taiwan in mid-2008. The basic aim of the program is to promote cross-strait tourism exchanges to introduce business opportunities. According to a survey the Chinese tourists generate more money as they prefer spending money on shopping if compare with other foreign tourists. 80 percent of Chinese travelers spend money on shopping and 20 percent on accommodation. On the other hand Western visitors select best hotels to stay in rather than spending money on shopping.

From 500 independent Chinese tourists a cost of business estimated is NT$19.5 billion income every year. Looking at the records of best behavior of China visitors to Taiwan this program has be re-launched. It has also been stated that that Chinese visitors adhere to the travel related laws efficiently and effectively. The rate of the Chinese tourists in Taiwan violating laws is up to 0.003 percent where as Japan's rate was recorded as 0.009.

The National Immigration Agency (NIA) has stated that the first group of Chinese tourists would travel before June 28. The NIA has listed out the list of to do and not to do activities for Chinese tourists. They have permission for a health checkup as previously it was not like that. Other acceptable activities include contribution in medical tourism and indulging in spa and other beauty related activities. A trip to military sites related to national defense, visiting science labs such as the Academia Sinica is prohibited for Chinese travelers. The technology parks in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan should also be avoided.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fly Cheap To Delhi and Explore City Attraction

Lal Quila Delhi

There are various overseas travelers who show immense interest in the history of India. For such a tour they prefer starting their journey from the capital city of India, Delhi. It is one place where you can witness various culture and religion existing in the country. The historical monument in Delhi displays legend history of the India. The city is basically divided into two parts Delhi and New Delhi. Chandni Chowk located in old Delhi has enthralled interest of larger tourists.

There are number of places to visit in Delhi. The famous Delhi attractions include Red fort, Qutab Minar Complex, Purana Qila, The National Gallery of Modern Art, The National Museum, Tughlaqabad Fort, Lotus Temple, Humayun's Tomb, Akshardham Temple, India Gate, Jama Masjid, Jantar Mantar and Lodi Garden. Commuting to Capital city of India, Delhi is never been a problem. It is well connected by means of road, railways and airways.

Delhi Airport is located at a distance of 16 km from the center of the city. It is known as Indira Gandhi International airport and it connects Delhi to major cities of India as well as major countries. It has two terminals domestic and international. On daily basis there are 35 airlines that provide regular services. It is one of the busiest airports of South Asia that serves the traffic of 46 million passengers.

If you are planning a trip to Delhi and want to fly cheap, do a thorough search on internet. Low cost travelers can attain cheap flights to Delhi by making advance reservation. This would help them to save 20 to 40 percent of expenses, which can be spent on the street markets of Delhi. The domestic airlines that offer low cost airfare are Air Deccan, Spice jet, Indigo Airlines, Go Air, King fisher and Jet Airways.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enhance Your Health, Lifestyle and Beauty with an Ayurveda Holiday in Kerala

Ayurveda treatment enhances your health, life style and beauty. For years India has been utilizing this primeval medicinal form for treating various health diseases. Ayurveda keeps the mind, body and soul healthy. In today’s competing world people tend to ignore their health regime that leads to various disease and depression. Thus Ayurveda helps in curing all the problems and India is an ideal destination for Ayurveda and Yoga tours.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take a Splendid Ride During Your Luxury Train Travel Tours in India

India being a popular destination offers various means to travel around. Lately travelling by royal train has become a popular choice amongst the tourists from all across the world. These majestic trains offers travel lover’s a splendid ride in the regal environment that can be cherished throughout. With the Luxury train tour in India you can travel to places like Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi and Alwar and experience the lavishness of maharaja’s.

The popular five luxury trains in India are listed below:-

Palace on Wheels- It covers the route of Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra.
Royal Rajasthan- The luxury train covers the route of Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Khajuraho, Varanasi and Agra.
Deccan Odyssey- with Odyssey travel thorough destinations like Maharashtra and Goa.
Fairy Queen- With this luxury train you can experience wildlife as it takes you to the Sairksa Wildlife Sanctuary.
Golden Chariot- It covers the route of Bangalore, Kabini, Bandipur, Mysore, Hassan and Goa.

All the trains are well equipped with opulence facilities and it takes you to the popular destinations of the country. Recently Maharaja Express Train is added to the legacy of Royal wheels. Operating since 2010 it is the newest addition in the group of luxury trains. Maharajas' Express is also christened as Orient Express of Europe due to the high class luxury and facility it offers matching up to the style of Orient. It has a capacity 88 passengers and it has 23 luxury coaches that depicts marvelous style and sophistication. It covers the route to Taj Mahal, Khajuraho temples, Ranthambore and Varanasi.

Luxuries India tours offer various attractive train tour packages that suit the budgets and life style of rich travelers.

Monday, June 13, 2011

During Travelling the Best Way to Utilize Your Phone

While traveling it becomes an imperative part to have your cell phone with you. The idea of taking a cell phone along is not for the purpose of attending all important calls while you are on trip. In fact when a person is on a holiday he/she prefers to stay secluded from all the worry going around in office or home. He/she would prefer not taking mobile at such occasion. But that would be a dumb thing to do. It is always wise to use this device to your advantage and the mobile phone should be utilized in the best ways.

The hotel you choose to stay at you travel destination would not be that familiar to you. Before you decide to explore the city around and planning to leave the premises of a hotel for a day, it is always wise to take a photo and the directions sign that indicate where hotel is located. As it would be easy for you to relocate it, if by any chance you have forgotten the direction.

Take a photo of where you have parked your car as in few cases you find it difficult to recall where the location. Shoot the photos of other landmarks you have come across while driving. Click a picture of your room number also as in case you have forgotten it and can’t find any help from the bell boy.

Once you are inside the hotel take a picture of your luggage while packing and unpacking it. In few instance it happens that when you come back to your room after exploring the town you realize that you are missing you favorite perfume. In such case you can always talk to the hotel staff as you have a proof in the form of picture taken.

Click the picture of all the important documents you possess like passport, credit cards, identification card and travel documents. The next step is to email or text that information to your immediate contact person or family members back at home. Make sure to capture the image of new people you meet and get that person's name on that photo. It would help you in remembering their names.

Before traveling purchase an ideal plan for your cell phone services that can be utilized till the time you are traveling and it should be automatically terminated after you reach back home. Those who are using phone brands 3G or 4G service, surfing net during your travel would be highly expensive so in that case prefer using WiFi. Check in such a hotel that provides WIFI facilities.

If you wish to continue using your cell phone for Internet services than switch off automatic updates and reset to your usage statistics so that you can get a regular feedback of how close you are to your limit. Load up all the mobile applications and software before you travel. In few occasions you might come across a moment when your power is not available, for such time Duracell’s powerhouse charger is the best backup as it provides up to 60 hours of charge time.

Not stopping "Checkpoint of the Future

It is good news for travelers who choose to fly often and wish to get rid of whole checkpoint procedure. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has unveiled the first Not stopping "Checkpoint of the Future". As the name suggests it is designed in such a way that it would rather improve the security and at the same time the process would save the passengers from the embarrassment of waiting for long hours and getting stripped.

At 67th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit, in Singapore the IATA's checkpoint of the future was shown to delegates. At the event it was stated that even after spending 7.4 billion US$ for keeping aviation secure the passengers always seems to be troubled by the whole procedure of check point.

The checkpoint is basically designed to stop carrying metal weapons. The aim was to strengthen security in checkpoints where risk is greatest. Thus for the benefit of passengers Not stopping "Checkpoint of the Future" is been invented. It is a process that responds to today's threat, in a nut-shell a system that only looks for illegal objects.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pick Right Tour Package to India and Enjoy Hassle Free Holiday

Taj Mahal Photo
India the land of vast knowledge, varied culture and religion has many reasons to attract the attention of tourists from every corner of the world. They visit India to witness the memorable experience as the country displays several Indian travel destinations in various Indian state that have its own exclusivity, which is appealing. India has a treasure of rich heritage that is clearly noticeable from its abundant monuments and temples.

India is such a vast country that it becomes very difficult for tourists to travel without the supervision of a travel guide or a tour organizer. These travel agencies also offer infinite India Holiday packages that make traveling in India a lot more convenient. From planning your holiday to booking your hotels and travel tickets all would be taken care of. There are various travel tour packages, which are designed to match the requirements of the tourist’s.

One of the most popular and fascinating tour of Northern India, the Golden Triangle Tour is the best option to choose among holiday packages. It covers the tour to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This rare combination gives the view to the tourists about the historical and cultural glory of India. The golden triangle tour packages are suited for those who have little time to explore India.

If you are looking for beach tour in India selecting Goa is the best option as it has a picturesque beauty where travelers can hold up with the waves of the oceans and adore walking on the beautiful beaches. The trend of the Goa is alluring and you will find amazing places for accommodation rather than a regular hotel. There are unique holiday homes, cottages and villa Apartments in Goa that has its own charm. They offer ultimate comfort and care to visitors in complete luxury.

For an ideal way to relax and rejuvenate tourists can opt for yoga and meditation tour India. With the yoga tour you can get familiar with the healing secrets of the past that would release you from the stress of your present day lives. The yoga tours packages are provided in states like Delhi, Jaipur Kerala and Haridawar. The tour last from 8 to 15 days or a month and it entirely depends upon traveler’s choice. During yoga tours you can stay in an ashram or a camp. Those who are looking for luxury can take a yoga tour by staying at five star hotels and resorts that provide an ultimate luxury experience.

If you pick right tour package to India you will get a complete hassle free holiday that would let you enjoy the trip whole-heartedly.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

With Golden Triangle Tours Enjoy the Surprising Facet of Various Tours of India

When it comes to your mind what part of India you would love to explore for the holiday, you often tend to get confused. India is a vast place and there are several attractive destinations overflowing with rich cultures, traditions and heritage. India has so much to offer through its vivid culture, wildlife, lifestyle and beautiful landscape that it becomes difficult to choose the best one. For such travelers the smartest way to cover entire India in a short span of time, a Golden Triangle tour

The Golden Triangle Tours consist of three superlative places namely Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan. Each place has its own glory and it has played an important part in shaping the history of India. While being on one such tour travelers can discover the greatest wonders of the country. The Golden Triangle Tour starts with the exploration of Delhi. The capital city of India has a base of India culture, religion and splendid past.

It displays famous monuments like Red Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Qutub Minar, Lotus temple and Jantar Mantar that depicts Mughal era. Delhi has been home to various kings and dynasties in the past. Another destination in Golden tour is Agra, the magnificent city that is a house to beautiful monument of world, Taj Mahal. It is the symbol of love and its splendor beauty captivates the attention of tourists from all across the universe. Another famous site in Agra is Fatehpur Sikri, which has been declared as a world heritage by UNESCO.

The last destination in golden triangle tour is Rajasthan the state of Maharajas and a best destination for the lovers of royal luxury. The Pink city, Jaipur has some of the famous palaces and fort like Hawa Mahal and Amber Fort. The huge and grandeur size of palaces and forts gives an idea of the royal life style.

With Golden Triangle tours you can enjoy the startling facet of various tours of India combined in one.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Top 100 World Travel Agency

Holiday trip can be hassle free if you plan it before hand. A planning involves getting in touch with best of travel agent who offers you tour according to your taste. But question might arise as how to rely on internet for finding best travel agent that would fulfill all your requirements. Trusting just any source can be risky and that could largely affect your vacation. In order to avoid any goof ups in the last minute there is a new search tool that offers a list of top 100 world travel agency in the world. It provides the information on the kind of tour package that agency offer, discount offers and last but not the list the contact details. Thus it had made very convenient for a traveler to select travel agency of their choice and requirement. Read more..

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The ease of booking trips on internet has lead to the growth of online travel category in India

An internet marketing survey has concluded that there is 32 per cent increase in the number of visitors to travel sites since last year. The visitors have reached 18.5 million this year, that clearly shows boost in the online booking trend. This survey has been done by comScore Inc. a research company that was founded in August 1999 by Gian Fulgoni and Magid Abraham. It provides marketing data and services to other companies by studying online behavior.

The Survey data says that 18.5 million online users above the age of 14 visited travel sites in April, 2011. Follow the details below:
1) Indian railways-8.4 million visitors, 8 per cent growth rate
2) MakeMyTrip -3.9 million visitors, 63 per cent growth rate
3) million visitors, 80 per cent growth rate
4) Yatra online-3.5 million, 82 per cent growth rate
5) Expedia-1.8 million visitors,12 per cent growth rate

On March 31, 2010 MakeMyTrip suffered a loss of $6.2 million but the company quickly generated a net profit of $4.82 million till March 31, 2011. On the other hand Gurgaon based famous travel company Yatra Online Pvt Ltd had raised funds of Rs.200 crore to gear up its hotels and holiday booking business.

Thus the convenience of booking trips and locating travel information on internet has lead to the strong growth in online travel category in India. It has been stated that with the increase in online travel industry it has become imperative for the travel companies to provide greater than ever functionality, ease of use and security to its users. This action would directly help in growing online travel market.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Air India: The Story of Lost Glory

It was never predicted that Air India would go through a bad to worse phase. Maharaja of civil aviation, “Air India" has lost its glory. From time to time pilots and other staff are going on strike that results into delay and cancelation of flights. It is directly affecting the financial condition of the aircraft.

In India, Air India was the first airline to provide its services to western countries. It was much before airlines like Australia's Quantas, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines and many others served the west traffic. In 1940s, when Air India first launched its international flight, the view was unforgettable. The loyal staff were working hard to make Air India the best airlines in the world and to fulfill the dream of its founder, J R D Tata.

Air India's in-flight service was excellent and was well known as 'maharaja' service all over the world. From a flight attendant to air hostess and pilot, they felt proud to be associated with Air India and thought it to be lucky to have a job with Air India. To be linked with Air India at that time was considered prestigious.

Now it has some other story to tell. At present the aircraft is in inferior condition and it is equipped with broken-down seats. It has been stated that often passenger have discovered cockroaches crawling on the floors of aircraft. Other than the exterior of the planes look equally dingy this, doesn’t match up to the iconic status of ‘maharaja’ as Air India has been referred.

Google offer “answer-on-the-results-page” to travel search queries

Google is testing a new way of displaying functionality for flight searches, using the UK as a destination for information on journey duration and airlines. It offers “answer-on-the-results-page” to travel search queries. Such an action of Google is seen soon after its acquirement of travel firm ITA.

All the vendors are appreciating this direct approach to queries and they are considering it as a new era in search. For Instance if you are searching a “flights to Barcelona”, it offers instant answers via the first organic result on the page. The doubts might form about information being relevant but a non-linked headline gives the assurance of valid information.

It shows result to info on relevant flights, their schedule and links to the airlines that operate those flights. The dealer in the travel industry are considering the new search era of “answer on the results page” and wondering how to keep their brands high in rankings. Other than that various countries also desire to monitor this, as even they are realizing the importance of applicable timely queries.

This is to bring to your notice that these new pages, which are apparently being tested only appear for to the section of users, particularly who are logged in to their Google accounts. Google, always experiments with new features and over the last few years the results pages have become quite messy. In order to overcome this problem Google is giving its search results a renovation and this test, however, looks rather extensive and popular.

Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India

bangalore city

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is located in the Mysore Plateau in south-western Karnataka. It is referred as the Silicon Valley of India and as a result city is responsible for 35 percent of India's software exports. Bangalore has the second-highest literacy rate among the metropolitan cities all over India. It has esteemed colleges, research institutions and the city pulls maximum youth to discover their aim and ambition.
Bangalore has an anticipated population of 7.2 million that makes it India's third-largest city. The city is popular among tourists and it has numerous attractions in the form of gardens, parks, museums and historical monuments. Must see places in Bangalore are:

Bangalore Auarium
Attara Kacheri
Bangalore Bal Bhavan
Bangalore Palace
Bangalore Gandhi Bhavan
Cubbon Park
Government Museum
Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium
Lalbagh Botanical Gardens
Tipu Sultan Fort
Ulsoor Lake
Vidhana Soudha
Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Shopping places in Bangalore offer a wide variety. The city has something to offer to everyone, that includes outfits, electrical appliances, saris and Handicrafts. Some of the popular shopping places in Bangalore are:

Commercial Street
Mahatma Gandhi Road (M.G. Road)
Brigade Road
Residency Road
Iyengar Road
Richard Square in Russell Market (cutlery, crockery, etc)
Bangalore is well connected to major cities of India by railway, road and air route. Bangalore has an Airport, which is known as the HAL Airport. It operates domestic and international airlines. The international Airlines operating from Bangalore are Lufthansa, Malaysian Airways and Air India. Domestic Airlines operating from the airport are Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Sahara Airlines, Deccan Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, GoAir Airlines, IndiGo Airlines, Air Deccan and SpiceJet Airlines
Though Bangalore has a pleasant weather throughout but the best time to visit garden city is in winters. The peak season to travel Bangalore starts around October and continue till February.