Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things to Do while waiting For a Flight

Travelling on flights have become so common these days that people choose the air mode of travelling to save time and reach their destinations in shortest possible time. But there are times, when you are required to wait at the airport for delayed flights or in between connecting flights. Do some fun things while you wait at airports and turn your airport waiting period into a really interesting time. Some of the best things you can do while waiting for your flight:

Look For Some Duty Free Shopping- Duty Free is always on demand! Go looking for some duty free shops and get gifts for your family and friends at never before low prices.

Catch a nap– This is best suggested for those travellers who have a companion during their travel. You can take turns to catch on that much needed sleep while you wait for your flight. Many airports have cubicles where you can take a nap for some time.

Chat with your distant friends– This is a great option to keep up with your friends. Start a conversation with any of your friends who are online through an internet medium.

Books continue to be your friends– If you are a good reader, then you know what it means, and if you are not, then you can try reading some nice book to cheer up your mood. Either you can carry a book with you, or you can look around the bookstore to get some reading materials.

Although there are many more ways to kill the airport waiting hours in a positive manner, these were some of the finest ways. Try following these ways and in no time you will be boarding your flight to enjoy your vacation or to reach in time for that very important meeting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rise in British airways Fuel Surcharge affecting family holiday

British Airways pronouncement to increase their fuel surcharge by £10 is hampering the decision of family holiday abroad. This affect is due to the shooting price rise of oil which has reached $90 per barrel mark. It has added to the expenditure of passengers traveling from British flight as they are already paying higher Air Passenger Duty (APD) and now they are spending more on taxes and surcharges. It has made wide range of a difference in amount passengers are spending on British air ways service return ticket to New York. Such as before passengers including cost and tax use to pay £122 but now they have to pay £352.

Due to this rise economy-class seats will charge £63 because of increase in fuel surcharge on flights to the Middle east and New York where as return flight will cost £126. With rise in fuel surcharge airline Industry is making maximum benefit of the situation. Airline Industry is not any more providing any discounted seats which were available in abundance at the time of recession. The amount of money they wasted to attract their passengers is being retrieve from them by making them pay for extra cost and taxes. It is to be notice that passengers who has already booked the British airlines for family holiday or business affair need not to pay any extra amount.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Indian Government Told Airlines to Make Fares Public

DGCA (or the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has asked all Indian carriers to submit their airfares to the public within 48 hours. Indian government stated that it needs the airfares of all domestic airlines operating in India to be made public. This is to pacify the travelers who feel cheated by the expensive prices of the airfares set by these airlines.

If news sources are to be believed, then many airlines are planning to hike their prices by 200-300 percent despite the government’s disapproval. Officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation addressed all domestic airlines, full service airlines and no-frills airlines in the beginning of this month. They asked carriers to provide “a copy of the route-wise established tariff on the first of the calendar month”.

A DGCA official stated, "A 10-35% hike is understandable due to increased demand but fares can't double or triple in a year. We do not desire to interfere in setting fares but we can't allow exploiting of passengers through exorbitant fares".

Popular Indian domestic airlines like Jet Airways and Kingfisher were demanded to make their price list public through daily newspapers or websites. Many airlines have already agreed to comply with the government’s request.