Monday, March 14, 2011

Get Acquainted with the Commercial Hub of India with Mumbai Travel Guide

The rechristened Bombay in Mumbai, the cosmopolitan metropolis and the commercial hub of India is a vogue centre of fashion, film and after-dark frolics. With a golden history of hundreds of years, Mumbai by no means fails to spellbind its visitors amidst the heritage monuments. A city of jagged contrasts and irresistible qualities, Mumbai is the second most densely inhabited city on earth. Owing to its mammoth population you are never far from crowds of people and itchiness of activity, much of which vibrates around popular eateries and social meeting places such as Colaba and Marine Drive.

The city houses various mosques and museums to honor people and places from the past generations. One of the more famous personages was Mahatma Gandhi whose former residence is now a museum. Mumbai is credited with one of the major seaports in the country. Vibrating and energetic, Mumbai attracts tourists to its circuit with multiple attractions and many amnesties and conveniences. In spite of adopting modern elements fast, Mumbai has retained its traditional fervor. Several places in Mumbai exude a Victorian charm, reminding you of the life and times of the colonial industrial city of the 19th century.

The city of Mumbai is one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in India and is different from other cities. Life moves at a more rapid pace in the city. There are various big and affluent corporations of the world here. People are quite broadminded in the city but there have been cultural tensions in city due to the different ethnicities. Mumbai is jointed with other cities of India by air, train and road. This city has many tour destination places which are as Elephanta Caves, Gate of India, Haji Ali Mosque, Beaches, Nariman Point, Flora Fountain, Mahalaxmi Temple, Pherozsha Mehta Garden, Chowpatty Beach, Museums art galleries, Bollywood, Sanjay Gandhi national wildlife park and Taj hotels etc.

The government owned Gateway of India includes inventory of pottery, silver, wood and brass, as well as hand-crafted items such as clothing, scarves, fabric, sarees and shawls. For a more authentic experience you can be pampered in Mumbai’s thriving street food scene, Chowpatty Beach and Elco Market are great spots to tickle the senses with freshly prepared bhelpuris, vadapaavs, pani puris, dosas and rangda patties. Mumbai is a hub of cultural, literary and artistic activities with many museums, libraries with amazing collections of books, wonderful art galleries, and plenty of theaters. Accommodation should not at all be a cause for concern. A range of 5 stars to mid range hotels are scattered all over Mumbai. Well connected by buses, trains and airplanes, Mumbai can be conveniently reached from any part of the country. Head for Mumbai and live an incomparable experience!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Avail the most of your Luggage Allowances and Avoid the Devious Charges

I would have been much more relaxed boarding my flight if I knew beforehand how much luggage is permitted on board. I traveled to the airport ready to jet off on a special holiday and suddenly I realized that the third pair of shoes I packed, thinking it’s would be very essential at that time, are really just an unnecessary weight which has put me over the limit. Every airline has its own strict standards as to the Airline Baggage Allowance. This is set according to the average baggage allowance per passenger and if the passenger ends up crossing that limit, he/she is supposed to pay for the excess weight of his/her baggage.

The luggage in the cargo is weighed at the airport. Usually hand luggage is limited to one piece weighing no more than approximately 8 kg and the weights of free checked luggage for each class of travel are approximately 40 kg for first class, 30 kg for business class and 20kg for economy class. Despite of variance in classes each traveler is allowed to take two pieces of checked luggage and each piece should not be more than approximately 62 inches, and rest all varies according to the flight company.

With this concept the free c is defined by the total weight of the baggage than the total number of baggage you have. It is one of the rules that I should always keep in mind during packing my bags for my holiday or vacation else, it became very embarrassing for me to take out my delicate from bag in front of the entire airport. It is obvious that keeping a check on every airline baggage allowances can be a little complicated but getting it right can save a lot of time as well as your holiday.

Few airlines are very strict with their baggage payment on the other hand few changes their allowances for some important persons. To ensure that my luggage can be successfully checked, I always measure my existent sector purchase proper sized bags according to the airline luggage policy. So keep a right check on the weight of your luggage and you can safely reach your destination with facing any hassle on the airport.

Experience the New Trend of Flying with Kingfisher Airlines

A 2005 Bangalore based establishment under the leadership of Dr. Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines, is one of the leading airlines in India. The airline can be easily acknowledged with the logo of a Kingfisher (bird) in flight with impressive colors of red, blue and green. Kingfisher Airlines is a major Indian luxury airline operating a widespread network to over 70 destinations. Their guest interaction and process flows remain of the highest standards of quality and service. This highly popular Kingfisher Airlines is very propitious with brightly dressed staff, chivalrous services and cheap flight airfares. It has been one of the most ambitious entries into the aviation industry and a significant part of India’s Growth story. So when this firm launched its own airlines "Kingfisher Airlines" named after its Brewery Brand it was clear that the market will soon see tremendous competition coming from them.

Kingfisher Airlines flight tender multi channel video facilities, on-demand movies and exquisite cuisines to its customers. All this is in line with Kingfisher's principle to endow the best customer with contentment in terms of lavishness, economy and service punctuality. It is currently catering flights to 34 destinations and also planning to extend their business more. Kingfisher airlines has a fleet of 11 brand new A320 family aircrafts and has a route connecting 15 key business and holiday destinations with more than 70 flights across India every day. Since May 2005, it has following the lease 4 airbus and 320 aircrafts.

This airline also provides few exclusive services for its flyers, such as private valet at the airport to aid you in baggage handling and boarding, personal and elite lounges with you own private space, munchies and music at the airport while waiting, audio and video on-demand along with extra-wide bespoke screens in the aircraft, comfortable seats and a scrumptious three-course gourmet meal. It is also offering cheap and affordable air tickets to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and other key cities. It is also catering regular flights to many popular sectors and destinations like, New Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to Bangalore, New Delhi to Mumbai, Bangalore to New Delhi, Mumbai to Goa, and Delhi to Goa. Kingfisher Flights concerning long haul routes are centered on East Asia, South East Asia, and Europe. It was in September 2008 that Kingfisher Airlines launched its first long haul destination to London.

Kingfisher has set high standards in terms of product and service offering and has been constantly innovating. Now, Kingfisher stands as a chief player in the luxury airline segment. It offers world-class modern services on board which has set standards throughout India.