Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Airline Rules for Packing Medicines for Air Travel

Medicines are an important necessity for all of us. Medication can bring out the real difference between life and death. For travelers, medicines should always be available while they are on travel. Airlines are known for having the most stringent rules for the passengers carrying medicines. They have their own list of rules and regulations on what is permissible and what’s not.

We all come across the times in our life when we require medicines to prevent diseases or to treat injuries and other probable damages to body and mind. This necessity is unavoidable to those who are about to travel by air. It must be made available to all the travelers on move through on your air travel; you are permitted to take along some essential medicines, inhalers and liquid dietary foodstuffs that are in the permitted list. Sometimes, you are also required to take along the doctor’s prescription.

You are permitted to carry some essential medicines and medical apparatus that you might require in between your journey. The apparatus would be checked separately and must be carried by sustaining documentation from the concerned medical professional. Some of the unsafe items to be taken on an aircraft include the extra-large items containing any liquid. The bottle you carry should be put in transparent plastic bags.

This information is essential for travelers who are about to go for an air travel and need to carry some medicines along. For all information related to air travel and cheap air ticket booking, refer to the websites offering cheap air tickets on domestic and international flights.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Understanding Airline Safety Helps In Safe Travelling

Having wings to fly is the most common dream-come-true situation for us. Many of us have achieved this dream to an extent by flying in an aircraft. But ask those who are scared of air travel and wonder if the operating companies follow Airlines safety measures. The truth is that most of the domestic airlines and International airlines follow all the required safety measures and are licensed to cater their services to the passengers. Despite knowing that it’s perfectly safe, we all feel nervous at times while traveling in aircraft. Here’s a list of things you can do to have a safe flying experience.

Some tips that help you feel extra safe during the air travel are listed below:

* Opt for a nonstop flight route - This is not a 100% effective tip but yes it does help you a bit. Many airline accidents are known to have happened while the takeoff, descent, climbs or landing phase. This tip also help in saving your time by making you reach your destination in shorter time period.
* Go for bigger aircrafts – Records show that smaller aircrafts are more prone to accidents than the larger ones. Aircrafts with more than 30 seats are generally certified and are well designed to handle emergencies.
* Listen carefully – Do give an ear to the instructions before flight – It might seem repetitious for you, but it’s very important to listen carefully to these announcements. Pay attention to the flight attendants.
* Fasten your seat belts - While being seated, make sure you have fastened your seat belts. This will offer extra protection to avoid possible injuries resulting from flight turbulence.
Have a happy air journey ahead!

New List of Top 10 Best Hotels in the World

High standards, facilities and unsurpassed services make some hotels stand out from others and make them the top hotels of the world. Here's the list of current top 10 hotels in the world:

#1: InterContinental Hotel Group - In total there are more than 600 thousand rooms of InterContinental spread across the world.
#2: Wyndham Hotel Group- This group encompasses more than 7090 hotels and 593300 rooms in 65 countries.
#3: Marriott International- This chain has always offered options for all pocket groups from budget travelers to VIP guests.
#4: Hilton Hotels - This is the fourth largest chain and is more popular due to the earlier heir Paris Hilton. In the year 2008, there were total 533 Hilton branded hotels across the world. Hilton Hotels also became the first coast-to-coast hotel chain located in the United States.
#5: Accor Group- With more than 500 thousands rooms, the Accor group has had many interesting ventures. Luxurious services and extra lavish offerings brought it among the list of top hotels.
#6: Choice Hotels – Currently, this group franchises more than 6,000 hotels all over the world. Choice-branded properties provide business and leisure travelers with a range of high-quality, high-value lodging options throughout the United States and internationally.
#7: Best Western- This group is for its rooms that have a special charm. Every room has a different story to tell. Local appeal is more evident here.
#8: Starwood Hotels & Resorts - They make the guests feel at home.
#9: Carlson Hotels- The group believes in fulfilling individual needs of the guests.
#10: Global Hyatt - Apart from offering good services, the hotel management try to highlight its buildings and design.